About the Photographer

I am someone that has a passion for photography that wants to make a difference. I started my company in 2013, and from the start I knew what I wanted from it. I wanted a way to be creative, and I wanted a way to help others through this outlet. Each person or family has a unique story and that should show in your photos. I love what I do on multiple levels, and I truly try to make every shoot personal, fun, and memorable. While every shoot is special to me, being able to volunteer my services to those going through a difficult time is what truly makes me happy. These shoots may celebrate winning a battle or just being strong enough to fight the fight. Either way, that story is worth sharing and supporting.

I couldn’t do any of this without the immense support of my amazing husband! He was a huge part in starting and growing LT. He builds most of my props and is at a lot of my shoots lending a helping hand. We have a sweet baby girl, Hayley, that we are completely in love with! When I’m not taking pictures, I’m soaking in her cuddles and giggles.

Favorite Things

  • Traveling - Paris, Verona, and St. John are some of my favorite places I’ve been to so far.

  • Music - Favorite bands are Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Yellowcard, and The Starting Line. I love going to concerts as much as possible!

  • Chocolate - This is my addiction and way to my heart. If I have a stressful day, this is my relief. Also LOVE pizza, but who doesn't?!

  • Hockey - My husband and I are big New Jersey Devils fans. We watch every game and especially love going to games!

  • Reality TV - I know, it’s a guilty pleasure, but I’m obsessed! Monday nights are reserved for the Bachelor!

My goal in life is to hear as many stories and reach as many hearts as possible. I want to look back feeling that I made a difference and impacted the lives of others.


Lisa Taras, LT Photography LLC